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november reading

“You’ll never see your kids doing stuff like that, stuff that just amazes you and that you can know you didn’t force, and you’ll never end up parenting your faith rather than your fears, if you don’t go to the end of that diving board and do a little bit of a hop.”

How do you unschool the multiplication tables? – Kelly Hogaboom


“I sat at the table drizzling maple syrup on my pancakes (our Sunday morning tradition), when I overheard this from one child to another:

‘Daddy goes out to work every day, but all Mommy does is play and rest.’

Excuse me, what?!”

Be so good at your job that your kids think you’re playing – Steady Mom


So many people he loves — we love — are affected by the homophobia that plagues our country, and if anyone feels injustice to the core, it’s a toddler. What better time to introduce the concept of privilege (and shedding it) than in these formative years? We are developing a habit of participation, of informing ourselves and thoughtfully considering those around us. If that’s indoctrination, well, there are certainly worse dogmata.

on involving my child in politics – very, very fine


If you’d like to follow along with the books I’m reading offline, you can check out my GoodReads profile. I’m currently reading Scattered Minds: The Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder by Dr. Gabor Mate, Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and starting the Game of Thrones series.