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Weekend Links

heartsFeeling My FeelingsMama-Om – This post really hit home for me this week, as I continue struggling with mindfulness, control, irritation and just letting things be.

Does Shared Parenting Lead to More Arguments?Blue Milk – I wonder what our family life would look like if we made more of an effort to ensure that our parenting/income earning work was more evenly balanced. As it is, we are very much in the gender-stereotypical camp in which I am the parenting expert and my husband is the earning expert, and we generally defer to the other’s expertise.

Winter Camping 2011Fimby – The photos in this post are glorious, and fill me with a burning desire to showshoe into a remote mountain cabin for a week-long family retreat.

What’s Your Philosohpy of Education?Natural Parents Network – As I start to get my head around our “official” start of homeschooling this coming September, Rachel’s post is a great place to start thinking about what my specific goals are for my daughter’s education.

A Box Full of Simple ThingsTeacher Tom – I have almost completely failed to do any seasonal activities or crafts lately, missing out on both Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day so far. But these little heart puzzles are the perfect combination of simple to make, meaningful and educational for children to play with, with a nice little nod to the holiday.

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