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snowy view from deep cove

You know what I love? When some great bloggers I admire all write about something I’ve been thinking about a lot.

Right now, that thing is trust.

Natalie at Feeleez writes about living a life that doesn’t fit tidily into a facebook profile, and trusting that’s ok.

That’s why I keep reminding myself to trust the process of my life. Who I am is perfectly fine. I didn’t follow a straight path because I am not drawn to that kind of path. I like to have many interests bubbling at once. I like to mother and create and write and then do a completely different combination the next day. This really doesn’t fit in a Facebook profile. My thirty second elevator speech that describes my life just wouldn’t fit in a thirty second window of opportunity. We’d have to keep on riding to the penthouse to squeeze it in.

And Rachel at 6512 and Growing writes about trust, and her journey with the aspen.

Trust grew up in the same neighborhood as it’s all good, as the wise elder mentoring all the young upstart slogans. Trust is the bucket of water I throw on the hot flames of my worrying mind. The more I practice trusting, the better I get at it, which looks something like this: trust → gratitude → generosity → happiness →  trust → gratitude…

I like change and adventures, but I also like the plans for those changes and adventures to be all neatly nailed down and clear in my mind.  Trust is giving these things their own time, being patient and watching for the changes to sprout all on their own when the days warm up and the sun comes out.  Trust is sitting with the discomfort and watching to see what happens next.


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