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The Parenting Primer

the parenting primer

The Parenting Primer is a guide to positive parenting in the first six years. It’s a collection of the kernels of truth I’ve learned through my own journey of parenting, the stories and nuggets of wisdom I wish I knew when I was first starting out. It’s written with new parents in mind, parents who want to parent in a gentle, positive way but might be struggling or feeling like they need more insight into the dynamics that exist in the parent-child relationship.

It’s written for the kind of parent I was when my eldest daughter became a toddler and I became pregnant shortly after that. The kind of parent who really wants to parent with compassion and confidence, but who has difficulty actually behaving that way in the heat of the moment.

What’s in The Parenting Primer?

The Parenting Primer starts out by looking at how love and limits influence our parenting, then explores other topics that affect our relationship with our child, such as information on brain development or personality, communication skills, lifestyle choices, creativity and self-discipline.

I’ve included references to a lot of the parenting resources and other parenting books that align with Attachment Parenting, and each section ends with some questions to inspire reflection and something to actually try in your real life. Stories and tidbits from my own personal experience struggling to improve my parenting skills are woven throughout the book.

Where Can I Buy a Copy?

The Parenting Primer is available as either an ebook or a physical book printed on paper. Here are your purchasing options for each version:

The ebook is available at:

The print version is available at: