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Ten Things I’d Like to Remember The Next Time We Decide to Go Camping

little girl walking into the ocean

1. Bring more pants and underwear for the girls. Twice as many, maybe even 20 or 30 pairs. Each. Even if we’re going to be doing laundry anyway.

2. Go to the beach more.

3. Worry less.

4. Don’t forget to pack the chocolate.

5. Baby deer might sneak up on your campsite if you’re very, very quiet.

6. Bring more cloth diapers, plastic bags, diaper covers, training pants and emergency pull-ups. There will most likely be an emergency requiring a pull-up.

toddler on the beach

7. Live sand dollars have red tentacles that come out the bottom, and Beatrice discovered that all by herself.

8. Dead sand dollars will crumble like dust if you’re not gentle with them. Don’t give them to little kids if you don’t want them to be crumbled up.

9. Pack more chocolate.

10. Take a deep breath, and don’t forget that alone time is not a want, it is a need.


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  • Lauren @ Hobo Mama August 25, 2010, 3:40 pm

    Love this list. Taking some alone time right now on our family vacay. :) And eating chocolate. :) :)

    I was just musing aloud today about how our clothes get so much dirtier on vacation than at home, and yet we have fewer of them with us, and no access (where we currently are) to laundry facilities. I keep spot cleaning in the sink and hanging things to dry. Ugh.

    • michelle August 25, 2010, 7:26 pm

      I hear ya on the laundry. I have a photo (somewhere) of me washing clothes by hand in the shower while on our honeymoon in Greece. What I would really like is a vacation from laundry! I suppose that is one of the more useful things about going away on holiday – accepting that many of the domestic tasks never really go away, whether you’re at home or in a different, more beautiful locale.

  • Kristin August 25, 2010, 7:33 pm

    Love this! And I totally agree. We just got back from a short camping trip (not to a beach, though) and it was both fun and a bit exhausting (physically and mentally, ha).

    Chocolate always restores my spirits, for sure!