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Rufous Hummingbird

One of the really lovely things about our new house is making discoveries in our yard and the forest around us as it springs to life. Identifying trees as they put out leaves and blossoms, realizing that we have a volunteer rhubarb in our back garden, and that the area around where it is growing would make a great place to grow kale. Discovering the various herbs that were dormant in our garden and the wild lands around us all winter. Watching the streams change with the increases and decreases in rainfall. And most of all, meeting these busy little guys.


This is one of those situations that inspire me to work on my photography skills, because these Rufous Hummingbirds are so amazingly beautiful and I wish I had a suitably beautiful photo to show them to you. They are tiny, and they sound like they are powered by little electric motors, “zzzzzip!  zzzip-zzzzzzzip!” as they nip from flower to flower. Their heads are a dark rusty red colour, and when the light hits a certain patch of feathers on their throat it reflects back so brightly it looks like they are illuminated from within with a red neon light.

The number of hummingbirds around here is truly astounding, and we have spent hours sitting on the grass in front of our house on a sunny day just watching the hummingbirds in the salmonberry bushes. They’re still novel to us, still precious and few. Maybe after a few years surrounded by buzzing hummingbirds we’ll get all ho-hum about it, but I sure hope not.

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