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Rhythm of the Home

little girl holding a berry

As I stood there in the heat I looked at a blackberry and saw it for what it was: the reproductive hope of the blackberry plant. Each fat, juicy berry was full of seeds and sugars, the perfect lure that would entice birds and other animals to eat the berries and disperse the seeds. This blackberry vine sat there in the bright August sun, photosynthesizing and fattening up its babies, while I gathered those babies and dreamed of the berry smoothies I would feed my own children all winter.

Today I’m happy to announce that I have a piece published in the Summer edition of Rhythm of the Home.  It’s about blackberries, and babies, and how we can offer ourselves to the world. Want to read more? Click over and check it out!

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  • Rachael June 19, 2013, 9:47 am

    How I yearn for a third child. What a surprise, since I never never never wanted more than two — not until I held the second one in my arms. But unless we were to completely change our priorities as a family, our family is the right size already. In the past couple weeks I’ve realized that I might just need to accept that I might feel sadness about this decision for a long time. But my sadness doesn’t mean that the decision is wrong. Thank you for your lovely words.

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