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Resources for Stay-at-Home Dads: Find Playgroups, Support and Information for Full Time Dads

Support for Dads

Support for Dads

More and more dads are choosing to either share childcare part-time with their wives or stay at home with their children full-time. Despite the growing numbers in the at-home dad trend, many playgroups, library storytimes and parenting magazines are almost exclusively populated by moms. As any at-home dad will tell you, if you think being a stay-at-home mom is isolating, try being a stay-at home dad.

There are some dedicated at-home dads out there who are setting up dad’s groups, dad-friendly playgroups and websites focused on issues and news stories that affect dads who stay at home with their kids. Here’s an overview of some of the resources and support available for stay-at-home dads.

Find Local Dad’s Groups and Dad-Friendly Playgroups

If you’re tired of being the only dad chasing his toddler around the playgroup, finding or setting up a local dad’s group can help you meet other at-home dads. Athomedad.org has a great listing of local dad’s groups throughout the United States, as well as an online discussion board for those dads who aren’t located in the US but still want to connect and share tips with other dads.

Why Join a Dad’s Group?

If you’ve been resisting finding or joining a dad’s group or playgroup because you feel like you shouldn’t need to go to a support group, take a deep breath and relax. Dad’s groups aren’t group therapy, and you won’t need to reveal any deep secrets or insecurities. Meeting up with other dads and their kids can be a great way to spend part of your day hanging out with people in a similar situation as yourself, and a healthy social outlet. You can also learn a lot from other dads, like what to do when your toddler’s answer to every question is, “No way!”

Stay in Touch With News for At-Home Dads

Do you wonder just how many dads actually stay at home with their kids, or how you should go about starting a dad’s group? Brian Reid runs Rebel Dad, a blog for at-home dads, and it’s a great source of current information about the trends in at-home fatherhood and a whole heap of online resources for dads. Reid has also compiled a whole lot of numbers on fatherhood, childcare and gender equality in the home, so on those tough days you can tell yourself that there were 158,999 other dads at home with their kids in the US during 2007, so you’re really not all alone out there.

Dads need support and companionship to be good parents, just as moms do. Despite mom-centric marketing and advertising, many dads get up every morning and take great care of their kids, so don’t be afraid to speak up and find the other dads in your area who are the primary caregiver in their families.

Originally published on Suite101.com on February 26, 2008