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Resource Review Thursday: Playful Parenting Online Discussion Group

playful parentingThis week’s resource review is a plug for Code Name: Mama‘s upcoming online book discussion group. Starting this coming Monday, September 20, Dionna, myself and a group of blog readers will be discussing Lawrence Cohen’s book, Playful Parenting. You can check out my review of Playful Parenting here if you missed it earlier. It’s a great book with lots of practical ideas for increasing the play quotient in your home and helping kids learn all kinds of things through play.

You can click through to Dionna’s post for more details about her discussion group, but if you have a copy of Playful Parenting on your bookshelf, at a local bookstore or available to borrow from a friend, please consider joining us in discussing the first three chapters this Monday.  Not only will there be a group of thoughtful parents coming together to talk about play, Dr. Cohen intends to join in and answer some questions as well.

I’m looking forward to really digging into Playful Parenting over the next few weeks, and I hope you’ll join me over at Code Name: Mama on Monday!