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Resource Review Thursday: Parenting Community


This week’s resource review is a little late because I’ve been busy organizing and hosting a homeschooling playdate at our house.  It’s one of the ways I’ve been working to build a network of supportive, like-minded parents in my face-to-face life, and we had a blast!  Our house was full to bursting but I met several new people and got to know some others a little better.

Having a supportive parenting community to meet with in person sometimes takes a little work to make happen.  Try looking for like-minded parents by searching for an Attachment Parenting International group, La Leche League or an attachment parenting group on meetup.com.  Another place to search is on yahoo groups, as many grassroots parenting groups organize themselves using yahoo’s group email service. If nothing exists in your area, consider starting a parenting support group!

Meeting for coffee or a playdate with other supportive parents makes my life as a parent so much more enjoyable.  I mean, I love being home with my kids and watching them learn, but we humans are social creatures and need to have friends to call on and support.  In the book, Why Good Things Happen to Good People, Dr. Stephen Post shares research findings on altruism that show that altruistic people live longer, happier lives. A parenting community is the perfect place to share and support one another, allowing us to better support our children!

Do you have a supportive parenting community in your offline life?  How did you find like-minded parents in your area?