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Reason #569: Why We Homeschool

A conversation with a stranger in a gondola going down Grouse Mountain after a long, long day.

B: I’m 5 years old!
S: Are you going to kindergarten this year?
B: No, we homeschool. I hang out with my mom and sister and we do stuff.
S: Do you ever get detention?
B: What?
M: She gets attention instead of detention.
S: Awesome.

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  • Cynthia @ The Hippie Housewife October 17, 2011, 11:06 pm

    Very awesome.

  • Stacy @ Sweet Sky November 8, 2011, 8:00 pm

    That is totally awesome!!

    Love it.

  • mb December 1, 2011, 12:23 pm

    i’m visiting from stacy’s november goodies- i love this, and hope i have the opportunity to borrow it. but usually we don’t get further questioning after “are you going to kindergarten soon?” gets answered….

    • michelle December 2, 2011, 3:25 pm

      Totally borrow it if you get the chance! :)

  • debra December 1, 2011, 6:56 pm

    ha! we home/unschool around here, and when my kids want it more “schooly”, it’s usually because they want to know what it takes to be sent to the principal’s office or get detention! makes for some raucous giggles…
    (found you via sweet sky)

    • michelle December 2, 2011, 3:27 pm

      Thanks for stopping by! It is pretty fun to watch Bea “play school” with Claire – since she’s never been it’s cobbled together from the things we do at home and bits and pieces she overhears from books and other friends. I’m interested to watch this change as she gets older and more aware of school…

  • 6512 and growing December 4, 2011, 10:12 am