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Rainy Days

It’s been raining here.  Lots.

Day after day, the sky is overcast.  The grey clouds hang low.  Other days they’re high up in the sky.  Every now and then, the clouds part and a beam of glorious sunlight pours down on the unsuspecting folk.  But then the clouds gather themselves together again and we return to the shade.

Maybe some of you readers out there find yourselves too hot on this Saturday in mid-June?  Are you sweltering in the shade, watching your popsicle melt at record speed?  Do the air-conditioned movie theatres, shopping malls and grocery stores beckon alluringly?  If so, think of this:

view from harrison resort

Look at those clouds! We were on holiday at a beach destination. You can see where the rain had collected in puddles and was slowly drying up.

Feel refreshed?  Let’s trade.  Tell me what it’s like to live in the heat.  Spin a yarn that involves the hot, hot sun.  You don’t even own a wool sweater, you say?  Do tell!

Commiseration, condolences and suggestions for rainy-day activities and games are also welcome. Beatrice has listened to The Long Winter all the way through about four times now and we could use an infusion of Something Different.

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