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Playing Laura and Mary

It’s a warm spring day and the girls are outside, wearing playsilks as bonnets and making mud pies. We’re just back from a long weekend road trip and I haven’t the heart or energy to tear them away from their play to do something more structured, but I wonder. Am I doing enough? Does this play “count” as learning?

girl making mud pies

So I research. I look up the government prescribed learning outcomes for kindergarten and start reading through them. And sure enough, acting out characters from Little House on the Prairie falls under PLO B2: “Respond to literature through a variety of activities (e.g., role playing, art, music, choral reading, talking)”

“You know what’s funny, Mom?” Bea asked. “We’re just like Laura and Mary because I have my bonnet up and Claire’s let hers fall down.”

“I was just thinking that.” I replied. And I mentally tick the box beside the suggested achievement indicator: “connect information and events in texts to self, personal experiences and other texts.”

acting out little house on the prairie

This homeschooling adventure is a dance of trust and respect, guiding and following, teaching and learning. It’s really not necessary to have our learning validated by the powers that be, but it does help quell my fears sometimes.

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  • stefanie April 29, 2012, 7:39 pm

    oh man. livin’ the dream.

    • michelle May 5, 2012, 9:32 am

      I know! I forget sometimes, just how much we are livin’ the dream. Your comment was a great reminder… Thanks! :)