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Playful Self-Discipline

It’s easy to focus on disciplining our children.  After all, they’re young and immature.  They make mistakes, and lots of them.  Kids need to learn how to behave in the world, and adults have the experience and knowledge required to guide them.  Right?

Sort of.  Except that sometimes it’s hard to follow our own rules.

How can I teach my kids not to yank toys away from each other if I reach down and yank the offending toy away myself?  How can I tell my daughter not to yell at her sister when I yell when I’m angry, upset or irritable?  Over and over again I read research that confirms the power of modeling in shaping young children’s behaviour.  Children do what we do, not what we say, so why do we focus so much on specific parenting techniques?

2011 is my year for taking a new approach.  A mindful, healthy approach that focuses on my own discipline with a sense of playfulness.  Playful self-discipline is not about being a perfect parent, or about driving myself into the ground with ever more to-do lists.  It’s about being the kind of person I want my kids to look up to.  It’s about challenging myself to be more aware and intentional, about developing my self-control and about having more fun.

I believe that focusing on my own self-discipline will help me be a calmer, happier parent.  I hope that will radiate outwards to help the rest of the world be a little calmer and happier too.

Each month I write weekly posts around a particular theme.  You’re welcome to join in!

A Year of Playful Meditation on Self-Discipline and Parenting

Getting Started on the Path of Playful Self-Discipline

January – Physical Health

Night Weaning and Sleep

Fun Family Exercise

Changing My Mind About Flossing

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February – Mindfulness

Cultivating Mindfulness Through Meditation

Mindfulness and Multitasking

Mindfulness Every Day

Listening Mindfully


March – Organization

Making My Bed


Spring Cleaning

The One Quarter Mark

Daily and Weekly Routines


April – Uncertainty

Dealing With Uncertainty

Living Right Now

The Uncertainty Paradox

Following Bliss Through Uncertainty


May – Communication


Communicating With Eye Contact

My Speech Manifesto


June – Challenges

Welcoming New Challenges

In Which The Deities Responsible for Challenges Laugh and Laugh

Challenges, Manifestation and Goals


Rethinking Challenges


July – Beauty


Look All Around You

Hello, Beauty

Beauty is…


August – Responsibility

Doing the Dishes and Other Responsible Things

Parental Responsibilities, Good Intentions and Real Life

My Responsibility or Not?


September – Emotional Health

Emotional Health

My Emotional Barometers

Resources for Emotional Health


October – Gratitude


Messing it Up

Gratitude and Possibility

27 Gratitudes


 November – In Ireland

::right now:: 


December – Full Circle

Full Circle

A Year Later