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Playful Self-Discipline: Gratitude and Possibility

window viewRemember my manifestation wire? Well, that was four months ago and almost all of the drawings have been taken down because those things have come into our lives. Beatrice got her ice cream maker. I got three jars of delicious fennel and garlic fermented pickles.  We sorted out a fire escape ladder.

And of the three drawings that are left, one biggie is about to happen in the next two weeks. I’m not taking the drawing down (or spilling the details) just yet, but it’s in the works. It’s also the one thing I was least sure would actually happen this year.

While I’m finding it hard to believe it’s just around the corner, I am very, very grateful for the cosmic forces that came together to make it possible.

Gratitude for the simple and incredible, the everyday and the extraordinary. Food on the table, love in my heart. Security and possibility. Comfort and space to dream. Watercolour rainbows, handwritten love notes, an amazing plant that is covered with hot purple chili pepppers that turn red as they ripen.

Do I dare to aim higher when life is already so good? What would you invite into your life if you were certain it would show up if you asked it to?

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