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Playful Self-Discipline: Beauty Is…

spray lakes lichen forest paintbrush wildflower sunset on mountain lake

Peace amidst chaos.

A swirling rock face.

Coyote trotting down the road, intent on his own business.

Toddler ringlets.

Everywhere, when I’m ready to notice it.

Nowhere, when I’m closed and angry.

I am noticing that every month, my playful self-discipline topic seems to loop back onto mindfulness somehow. When I am mindfully noticing, almost everything appears to be beautiful. Certainly everything I found in nature seemed to qualify. Being more aware of the beauty around me makes me wish to be a better photographer, so that I am better able to capture and share those beautiful wisps of life that float in and out of my vision.

As a mantra, Beauty was an excellent focus for a month of playful self-discipline. It wasn’t so much about achievement or changing my daily routines and habits (although those are certainly worthy endeavours). Watching for moments of Beauty was peaceful and brought more moments of joy than any other playful self-discipline topic. I wasn’t prone to berating myself over not noticing that beautiful thing – either I noticed it and was blessed to do so, or I didn’t notice and only realized when I mindfully became aware that I was tired/stressed/emotionally closed.

Beauty felt like a gift being given to me, and I feel very grateful to have received it.