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Knitterly Persistence

If you knit, you probably have one or two projects stashed away somewhere that you don’t like to think about working on. Chances are that project has something weird going on, some little puzzle you haven’t figured out yet. Like whether you really want those flowers across the yoke to be pink, or if they might be nicer in white. Or it needs to be frogged back to before you made that horrible mistake. Or it’s looking ominously too big (or too small) but you can’t face that truth just yet. Or it’s so complicated it makes your head hurt and shouldn’t knitting just be easy and fun and relaxing?


This winter I’ve been slowly (oh, so slowly) picking away at one of those projects. Undoing it back to a point where I knew I hadn’t made too many mistakes yet and could start again relatively fresh. It’s a lace shawl, so undoing means actually painstakingly knitting in reverse instead of whipping the needles out and having a good, vigorous frogging session.

Now I’m knitting forwards again slowly (oh, so slowly). Knit one long row, get to the next row, realize I’ve made a mistake again, undo. Finally admit that using stitch markers would help, and fashion some more out of spare yarn. Counting each section as I go. Fudging or fixing mistakes as I come to them, hoping that the next row will be free of mistakes, or at least require less fudging and fixing.

It’s not going to turn out perfect, not by a long shot. And it’s not exactly easy, either, but it is turning out to be surprisingly enjoyable. Let’s just say it’s an opportunity for my controlling, stubborn and persistent side to come out to play.