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Penny for your thoughts…

Yesterday I was sitting at the kitchen table with a pensive look on my face, when Tom asked me, “what are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about the collective unconscious,” I told him. “and how it relates to dreaming. I read that dreaming and REM sleep comes from a very ancient part of the brain, and I wonder if that means that our original state of consciousness as a species was a state of collective unconsciousness, and then a sort of individual dream state, and then there was the development of an individual consciousness?”

(For those of you who like reading about dreaming and the brain as much as I do, this is a mashup of ideas from Jaak Paanksepp [REM sleep originating from an ancient part of the brain] and Carl Jung [the existence of the collective unconscious and how mythological symbols arise in our dreams from that collective unconscious].)

“Why don’t you blog about things like that?” he asked me.

Good question.


I have deactivated my facebook account.

I am giving up on writing nice tidy SEO blog posts.

I am reclaiming my ability to concentrate and get things done.

I am going to be honest about the fact that I am going through a fairly major transitional crisis right now. Like the crisis that triggered my Playful Self-Discipline project five years ago, but cutting closer to the quick this time. How do I want to show up in the world, in my closest relationships, with myself? What can I take responsibility for? What is the responsibility of others?

There have been times that I have been doubled over with pain (emotional pain, but pain nonetheless), thinking that having a natural childbirth was easier.

This is where Practice meets Heart. And where the practice is both softening into accepting what is, and sharpening my focus on exactly where I want to go.


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