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Our neighbourhood

We’ve been getting out and about in our neighbourhood more lately. Going on the same short walks over and over, visiting the same animals and the same stream. It might sound boring, but it actually isn’t. Every time we go we see something different. We notice a new little track that goes off to the side, or see that the sticks we laid across the stream last time were washed away as the water rose with the heavy rains.

little girl walking beside a farm

Some days the animals come right up to the fence, as interested in saying hello to us as we are interested in saying hello to them.

little donkey donkeys_and_pony_farm_walk

Some days we notice that there are new little baby lambs in the field. Of course, the lambs are right across the road from the llamas, which has led to some confusion. “Let’s go see the baby llamas!” “The lambs?” “The llama lambs!” Um….

lamb llama

We follow the stream there and back, noticing how it’s deep and fast here and slower and wider there. We bravely wade in to throw rocks just a little further, or to try and get a photo looking up the middle of the stream. And when we’re tired, or cold, or wet we go home right away. We’re back in front of the fire within 10 minutes if we want to be, but most of the time we’re taking it slow.

stream and moss covered rocks

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