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No-Necklace Mama

Before I became a mama I used to wear a necklace almost every day.  It was part of who I was, and I would go through phases in which I would wear the same necklace for months on end, then change my mind and wear something else for months on end.  I liked to pick out wild and crazy necklaces for special occasions, necklaces that made my usually rather plain clothes into a real outfit.

As soon as Bea grew old enough to grab things I started leaving the necklace off, and now the only time I wear a necklace is if I’m going out at night without the kids.  My necklaces are now gathering dust in dresser drawers and jewelery boxes.

This morning I saw my old favourite necklace sitting there in the drawer when I was getting dressed and I thought, “What the heck, I’m going to wear that necklace today.  I like it!”  And the second my toddler saw that shiny bauble around my neck she reached out for it and gave a mighty tug.

Two minutes later the necklace was sitting on my dining room mantlepiece (where all kinds of random objects are temporarily housed for indefinite lengths of time) and I had, once again, a bare neck.

You know what?  It felt good.


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  • Fancy Pancakes January 2, 2011, 4:49 am

    Pretty necklace!
    I’ve also had to cut back on necklace and jewelry wearing, but I do wear my fun jewelry to work, where my middle schoolers ooh and ah over my playful colorful stuff.