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Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day I:

::Woke up to a wonderful breakfast of white chocolate and blueberry scones, decorated with pink sprinkles, already made and hot from the oven.

::Had very sweet and thoughtful gifts presented to me. Beatrice actually woke Tom up at 6am saying, “It’s mother’s day! Let’s go make our presents!”

::Received the especially valuable and precious gift of time spent together on a family hike, something that has been in very short supply around here while Tom works hard at getting his business off the ground.

::Was surprised by Bea shouting out to me, “Mama, I found a snake!” while we were hiking. Turns out it was actually a Northern Alligator Lizard and not a Common Garter Snake, but still. I don’t think we’ve ever spotted a reptile on one of our hikes before. He was tucked way down in a crevice between two sun-warmed rocks and just poked his head out to watch us as we watched him. Then he turned himself around and disappeared down the hole into his nest.

northern alligator lizard

Image Credit: frosty_white_raven on Flickr.

::Chatted with my own mom over Skype.

::Had dinner cooked for me and the dishes washed afterwards too.

::Felt grateful for being so very blessed.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?

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  • Rachael May 10, 2011, 7:37 am

    I had dinner cooked for me, too! And also time in the morning just to write!