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belly flop

We’ve been wearing our bathing suits every day
hanging them over the porch railing at night

There’s been water up the nose at swimming lessons
sand in the toes at the beach
glorious belly flops

rosy cheeks
nut-coloured shoulders
moss, grass, seaweed and tangles
all held back with a ponytail elastic

rocks and sand
fistfuls of blueberries
the hot blue sky over the blue sea
and cool shade beneath the trees

swimming out to where it’s deep
and cold
and I can’t feel the bottom anymore
out past the barnacle covered buoy
but not all the way to the sailboat
the water opaque and green
full of mystery

We meet friends at the pool
and everyone’s giddy
in their sun hats
and swimming goggles

I sweep the beach up off the floor every night
a small token of payment
for the wonder and delight

Every day I am amazed that I live here

arbutus bay

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