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Happy Mother’s Day

Today was a low-key day spent baking, spinning yarn, visiting friends, taking a nap, planning my next career move, knitting on the porch despite towering piles of laundry/dishes/dirty bathrooms (they can all wait until tomorrow. seriously.) and joyfully receiving a gift of a beautiful lump of clay with shiny beads and fake plastic flowers pushed into it by little fingers. Her small fingerprints are still there, pressed into the clay and immortalized forever.

Handmade Gifts for Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing moms out there. Motherhood sure has its ups and downs, but today I am taking the pressure off and enjoying the simple things for what they are. Nothing beats the bubbling excitement of a preschooler giving you a gift she made herself, and a baby who likes to give clinging monkey hugs and toothy nose kisses.