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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day GiftWhen Mother’s Day is approaching, dads, grandparents and kids everywhere start searching for that perfect gift idea for mom. The secret to planning a successful Mother’s Day gift is, well, planning. By thinking about and searching out the ingredients for the perfect treat for the mom in your life a few weeks in advance, you can ensure you have enough time to make it all happen.

What Does Mom Want for Mother’s Day?

The best way to figure out what Mom wants for Mother’s Day is to combine a direct approach with a little detective work. First, try asking her. Most moms will happily provide a list of potential treats they’d love to receive. If she’s reluctant to make a list, or says that she really doesn’t want anything, then you’ll need to get a little more resourceful. Make a list of the things you know she enjoys doing when she gets the chance – this could be having a relaxing bath, reading a book, knitting, scrapbooking, going shopping or visiting with her friends. Then think of ways you can help her do these things. Gift certificates are a safe bet, as is looking after the kids for a day to give her the time to do something for herself.

Low Cost Mothers Day Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts cost next to nothing, so don’t be afraid to give mom low cost, high value treats such as:

  • child free time to spend as she wishes
  • a hand-picked bouquet of spring wildflowers
  • a handmade card
  • breakfast in bed
  • cooking her favorite dinner for her
  • heartfelt hugs and kisses

Child Friendly Mother’s Day Ideas

Uncles, aunts, dads and grandparents can help children create gifts for Mother’s Day. Even young children can help create a gift such as a framed photo of mother and child by choosing the photo to be printed and framed and contributing ideas to a gratitude list inside the card. A gratitude list can include anything the child is thankful for about their mom. Helping a child think about all the things mom does for him or her can help develop a sense of appreciation, and every mom loves to read, “Thank you for hugging me when I’m sad.”

Everybody loves to be appreciated, especially moms. By helping teach children how to recognize and show their appreciation to the important people in their life, you’re giving a gift that reaches far beyond a holiday. A thoughtful, appreciative gift for mom this Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate to be special, so take a little time to plan a special treat for the mom in your life this year.

Originally published on Suite101.com on March 27. 2009

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