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Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Celebrate Dads on Fathers DayIf you’re looking for something fun for the father in your family, think twice about heading to the tie department of the menswear store this year. Gifts for Father’s Day don’t have to be practical or expensive to be fun and meaningful. In fact, some of the best gifts are the greenest too! Here are a few ideas for a fun Father’s Day celebration.

Give the Gift of Quality Time

Whether dad works in a high-stress office job or long hours on a construction site, chances are good that he would love a day dedicated to spending quality time together as a family. Pick an activity that everyone likes, such as going to the amusement park, pitch n putt or bowling lanes and spend a few hours having fun together. If you want to present him with something tangible as a gift, take lots of pictures of the day and put the best one in a frame to hang on the wall.

Celebrate Dad’s Role in the Family

A few days before Father’s Day, gather the rest of the family together and brainstorm all the things dad does for the family. Maybe he cooks the world’s best hamburgers on the barbecue, comes up with the most awesome Halloween costumes or spends every Sunday going mountain biking with the kids. Whatever he does, make a list and write it in a card for him. He’ll be happy to know that his efforts are appreciated.

Create a Photo Slide Show

With the widespread use of digital cameras, many people have hundreds of photos saved on their computers each year but rarely take the time to go back and look through them all. Pick out your favorite pictures of your dad from the past year and put them together on a piece of poster paper or in a PowerPoint presentation. This is a good way to relive your favorite memories from the past year and to see how everyone has grown and changed.

Honoring All Dads

Holidays such as Father’s Day can be sensitive times for those families who have been touched by death, divorce or distance. You can still celebrate Father’s Day if you want to by honoring any man in your life who takes on a fatherly role, such as a grandfather, favorite uncle or step dad. You could also spend some time looking at photos and other memorabilia that remind you of your dad, wherever he may be right now.

Fathers are taking on more parenting and household roles today than they have in years past, so take some time this Father’s Day to celebrate everything your dad does for the family. Whether you take him out for breakfast, give him a handmade card to show your appreciation for his efforts or just phone him up to tell him you love him, even the little things can mean a lot to a dad on Father’s Day.

Originally published on Suite101.com on May 20, 2008