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Fixing up My Feed

After some confusion and emails from readers saying they couldn’t get my feed to work properly, I read Paige’s guest post on Lauren Wayne about why & how to set a blog up with a FeedBurner feed and I felt like the universe was sending me a message. That message was, “Fix up your feed already!” So I figured out how to get myself a shiny new FeedBurner account and set it up on WordPress and hey, presto! I have a new feed.

I’ve tested it out here on my computer but I know by now that your mileage may vary, so please let me know if it’s still broken for you. I hope that FeedBurner will allow more people to subscribe more easily, no matter what reader you use to get your daily fix of bloggy goodness.

Also, check out Paige’s most recent post, What Gentle Discipline is Not, as a follow-on to my post for the Gentle Discipline Blog Carnival, Gentle Discipline 101. It’s got drama, debate and a dashing diagram!