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Easy to Please

We sat down to dinner tonight just us three girls.  I brought out bowls of homemade vegetable soup, a humble February affair with potatoes and carrots and a few alphabet noodles thrown in there for excitement.  It certainly wasn’t gourmet fare, but it was hot and fresh.  The bread was rising in front of the fire instead of sitting on the table, so I stood in front of the fridge and pulled out everything else that looked like it might work.  Cheese.  Hummus.  Carrot sticks.  Sauerkraut?  Why not.

Partway through the meal, I remembered a box of crackers I’d left sitting on the counter.  They were old and not my favourite, but I brought them out anyway and offered them around.

“This dinner is turning into a feast, mama!”  Beatrice exclaimed.  “Those are my favourite crackers, and I love barley, and I got loads of alphabet noodles at the bottom of my bowl.  Look, here’s a B!”

A feast indeed!  It sure didn’t look like a feast to me, but she’s right.  We all left the table with full bellies and warm hearts.  It really was a feast.


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  • Rachael February 10, 2012, 8:35 am

    I just love this. Beginner’s mind at work!