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Pre-kids, I was a dreamer. Kind of a philosophical dreamer, but also a literal one too. I’ve always had vivid, colourful dreams that I could usually remember. Often I would remember more than one dream a night. I studied dreaming in a high-level undergrad psychology course, which made the entire 4 years and a big chunk of change I invested in my degree worthwhile to me. I’ve even had a dream-related online handle for many years. Oneiro is the greek word for dream, and I call myself oneironautical. I love to go sailing the high seas of my dreams.

pacific rainforest

Having babies kind of put a kink in all that though. I dreamed intensely through both pregnancies, but then hardly at all until each child started sleeping through the night. Waking constantly throughout the night, even if I barely woke up enough to roll over and nurse the baby, was enough to interfere with my ability either to dream or remember my dreams when I woke in the morning. I had one or two exceptionally vivid dreams in the first week after Beatrice was born, and then not much of anything until she was sleeping solidly every night. Now that Claire’s a solid sleeper too my dream life is back again once more.

Last night I had two memorable dreams, one after another. In the first, my husband gave me an egg, from which a giant fanged snake hatched out. I was simultaneously afraid of and drawn towards it. I felt like that snake was powerful but unpredictable. In the second, I was riding on a train with people I didn’t know. We glided past abandoned, moss covered ruins and had comfortable seats. It felt pleasurable and easy, but I didn’t have any choice about where I was going. I seemed to be part of a group of tourists and just did whatever they did.

Tonight I read this. I encourage you to click through and read the whole article, because it’s worth it. It’s a summary of an oil executive’s son giving a speech at the Enbridge hearing regarding the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline through the Great Bear Rainforest, and at the very end he says this:

So, if on one hand, you had an unpredictable path, that leads into a new dream, a new way of life for all of mankind and on the other hand, you had a predictable path that leads to the slow, inevitable decline of a civilization.

Which path would you choose?

Snake or train?

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  • Stacy @ Sweet Sky February 23, 2012, 8:08 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this — your dreams, and the link. Wow.

    I grew up in Ketchikan, Alaska, and have always felt connected to Canada, ever since I was a young child (we spent two summers driving around B.C. and Alberta).

    Stacy @ Sweet Sky´s last blog post ..this moment: fresh air

    • michelle February 23, 2012, 10:00 pm

      Wow – what was it like growing up in Alaska? I have some friends living in Whitehorse, and they have some pretty amazing stories about the wilderness and the 24 hour dark/light at the seasonal extremes.

      • Stacy @ Sweet Sky February 29, 2012, 7:39 am

        Well, Ketchikan is pretty far south — about equidistant between Anchorage and Seattle…. so it is a lot like all the Pacific Northwest Coast, wet/green/mountainous with ocean all around. It definitely was darker/lighter than down here but not as dramatic as up north.

        As I’ve gotten older and been away longer, I really realize how deeply imprinted in me the scale of things is. I grew up on an island, a giant island — wikipedia says it’s the 12th largest island in the U.S.! — with one town of 8000 people on it.

        I wrote a prose-poem about it recently: http://sweetsky.net/2011/09/biography/

        Thanks for the chance to share about it. :)
        Stacy @ Sweet Sky´s last blog post ..Earth Sanctuary

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