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Becoming a parent is an experience like no other: charged with emotion and heavy with responsibility, parenthood has the potential to rock the boat of the most even-keeled soul.  However, I believe parenting doesn’t have to be a bewildering slog through a hurricane of dirty onesies, disapproving stares from strangers on the bus and midnight hauntings of guilt and doubt.  Parenting can be a satisfying, emotionally nourishing experience.  Parenting can bring you in touch with yourself in a way that is immediate and challenging.  Parenting can be a difficult job, but with the right information, some good resources, one finger on the pulse of your own intuition and a willingness to examine yourself and grow to meet the challenges your kids throw at you, parenting can be an upward spiral of growth instead of a tornado of chaos.

Michelle Carchrae
The Parent Vortex is written by Michelle Carchrae, freelance writer, a homeschooling mama, avid knitter, spinner, sewer, crafter, reader and lover of the outdoors.  Michelle also contributes to WestCoast Families Magazine, Urban Baby and Toddler and VancouverMom.ca